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Carol Thomas
Name Carol Thomas
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Hobbies bike riding, riding my own Harley, sewing and dancing
About Me I have 4 grandchildren and watching them grow up to be the next best generation is awesome. there ages are from 11 years to 7 months. I just lost my job yesterday 12-12-13 a number that will stick in my mind forever. I'm blessed to have to still have my Momma and step Mom and my awesome sister. My boyfriend is nervous about me and no job and that is understandable. I have faith that has a better plan, I will continue to work hard whatever comes my way.
Carol Thomas
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222 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just lost my job yesterday after being with the same company going on 15 years. I have a group of girl friend called the Phat Princess, it consist of 9 amazing women. Some are happily married and the rest of us are single. After sharing my news with the one of them it spread like wild fire. Calles and text from them made me feel so much better. I know that God is with me and has something better in store, and with the Phat Princess to help nothing is impossible. P.S. I've already bought Christmas gifts for my coworkers what do I do with them, give as intended or what? the bright side I made it home in time to watch your show and it too made me feel better and looking forward to today's show. Merry Christmas, Carol