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Carol Shaw
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Carol Shaw
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597 days ago

Ellen, I Love your Cover Girl Look....but today, while watching Day makeup was OFF. What I mean is that your face was beautiful, but the color of your neck was pale. They should have touched up your neck and decollage area. You are awesome no matter what!!! I love you and your show. Sincerely, Carol

Carol Shaw
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600 days ago

It is so frustrating to watch your show, most of your contests and following,comments and sending info/photos are all directed to the IPhone, websites and twitter. I do not have a computer or a phone that has picture capability (I have a assurance wireless phone)(free government program phone) I've sent handwritten letters, but no response. On a computer now because I'm babysitting my grandson.
Thanks, at least I can get a message to your show. Probably on a blind eye and go nowhere. Peace and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!!! Carol xoxox