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Carol Sharp
Name Carol Sharp
Joined 686 days ago
Hobbies walking dogs, playing piano,playing online games, watching Ellen!!
About Me I am a single old lady with 2 dogs that are my life and I am looking for a husband.. so if you know of one send him over!!!
Carol Sharp
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
226 days ago

Sure I'd like to win, who wouldn't!! I enter every year, yet it my name seems to get misplaced....Gee Whiz Ellen how is that??????????

Carol Sharp
Day 8 of 12 Days, Colin Farrell, Kings of Leon
226 days ago

Oh Ellen......
Won't you buy me a car of my dreams??
Not a Caddie,Mercedes or Hummer
just a little ol' Chevy with great mileage
would be good enough for me!!

Oh Ellen.......
Won't you buy Me a colored TV
Not too big where it would cover the wall
and a satellite dish is worth it all!!

Oh Ellen........
won't you buy Me
your 12 days of Christmas
A season has not gone by where I've entered to win
I've been a Good girl and wait patiently!!!!

Oh Ellen..........
I am wishing for your happiness
to be spread to one and all
may 2014 bring You and Portia
to the desert once more!!!!!!!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
254 days ago

I 2nd that statement. well done!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
254 days ago

How is it that you can make a soul Laugh and cry on in the same episode????
I look forward to that one hour where I can immerse myself in your world, so whatever that lovely Mama of yours taught you...... keep it up and pass it on!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
429 days ago

What a shame you are only allowing your Facebook fans to enter your 10 days of prizes. I was once Your FB friend, but do not go on that site anymore, yetI still am your friend and continue to watch You every day. I deserve to win just like all your FB buddies.. ............ ...........
Give an old Lady a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
458 days ago

Hi Ellen:
I have to say my favorite show of the past 10 Seasons was that of your Southern Belle--Gladys from Bastrop, TX. The Lady sure put a Smile on your face,uh!! I never laughed so hard in all my life. Miss Gladys was as cool as a cu***ber..... never missing a beat!!
Thank You again for 10 wonderful years of making us think outside the box, crying and laughing all in the same hour; now where else can you get that??

Carol Sharp
Adam Levine's Singing Underwear
458 days ago

I would LOVE to go to an Maroon 5 concert, Miss Ellen!!
Mr. Levine really puts the spin on with his fellow judges on
"The Voice"........ awesome show!!

Carol Sharp
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
549 days ago

The sky is the limit when it comes to spoiling that beautiful wife of yours; Portia.
Party on dudes have fun and stay warm!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
556 days ago

Birthday greetings from the ol' Pueblo..
here's wishing you rays of sunshine
and laughter too..
keep on dancing... we love Tony's beat!!!!
........ BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.........
P.S. so just hook me up with a whole stack of your birthday giveaways!!

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
570 days ago

There's never been a more deserving award then to our "Ellen" for the People's Choice Award. Even with the down turn of economy we are Thankful to have this bright, witty, young Lady grace us with her dance moves and laughter abounds.
2013 is going to rock on for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Sharp
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
589 days ago

Sure have enjoyed your 12 days of giveaways watching from the comfort of home.
What a nice statement that is..... home!
Here's wishing you and your staff, Andy and Tony a Blessed Merry Christmas of sorts....
Thank You for making us Smile and Laugh Often.
Now you get out there and Dance, Dance, Dance.

Carol Sharp
Win All of the Prizes from Day 11 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Sure would love to have an chance on winning Day 11 of your Christmas giveaways or any day for that matter. You continue to make us laugh on
a daily basis; Thanks for that!!
Have yet to see the "word" of the day.......

Carol Sharp
Message from Ellen
591 days ago

Dear Miss Ellen:
Thank so much for keeping true what is in our hearts as we process this past weekend's horrific tragedy. We as a nation always come together when something as dreadful as this and with any gun related incident. Our thoughts and prayers are go out to ALL in Newtown Connecticut.
Looking forward to your venue of shows this week.
Keep up the good work.
Carol L. Sharp

Carol Sharp
Message From Ellen
681 days ago

Are you in need of a proofreader??????
there is NO such word as "gooder"....
let me know I could use the job and experience and have you as a genuine boss; what more could a girl ask for!!
Thanks and have an great week------- onward and forward.
Give my best to Portia and Mama!! :-)

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