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Carol Robertson
Name Carol Robertson
Location Syracuse, NY
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Hobbies Pogo games/ Nintendo DS (Skip-bo) Watch TV
About Me I am a Mom of 4 children. My youngest (Jennifer) and her husband with their three children live with me. She takes care of the house and the cooking while myself and her husband work all day. It was a little crowded but we moved to a bigger house and we fit fine now. It's expensive to support a family now a days but we do what we can with what we have and thats' all you can do. The kids are 12 (Deven), 8 (Alivia) and 6yr old (Jaden). Jaden is the final thank goodness but his name says it all J= Jaden A= Alivia D= Deven E= enough N= no more !! They are good kids and have things they want but not everything.