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Ispiring woman today, she has cancer, 5 children & an unemployed husband. She'll be driving 4 hours a day, so that she can see her kids each night. Thankyou for telling her story, hopefully she will be lifted up by your humor & kindness. I think it would have been better to get her a driver/& safe transportation for her each day. Help her, help her relax & rest during the driving. Also, please give the family a new mini-van, so that her husband & children can travel safe, & it will improve their quality of life. Finally, I would like to see scholarships be given to each family member, that will be the greatest gift that you could ever give. A gift of a hopeful future. & I know that you know that the greatest gift is not the present in front of them, but the opportunity lies ahead of them. Thankyou for what you do, making me laugh every day for ten years. x0x0