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Carol Huber
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring ´╗┐´╗┐Emily VanCamp!
500 days ago

Your upcoming trip Down Under & your Underwear model have prompted me to tell you about my favorite ad when I visited Perth in 2001. It was posted on the side of a bus stop. I don't rememebr the verbiage or even the product name, but the hunky guy in his skivies with the cell phone protruding from the, shall we say... front opening, was definitely red. I took a picture, but the sun's reflection got in the way. You might find it would be worth your while to hunt down that ad campaign, as it would marry two of your current focuses. Would love to send you a copy of that picture if you can provide a method to do so.

Carol Huber
Relief for Sandy
617 days ago

PLEASE help me donate blankets & winter clothes to the victims of Sandy. Everyone seems to want money & I live in St Petersburg, Florida, so I have winter items that I can't use & they can. The items are in great shape, but I can't find where to take them.