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Carol Doyle
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About Me I work as an office manager in corporate services at a catholic hospital in Nashua, NH. I am the mother of 3 grown children. I also have four grandchildren. My family is very important to me and I find that the older I get the more time I want to spend with them, because they are priceless. I know the importance of being close to my family, because I lost my mother when I was 15 years old and my father didn't handle it well and he left too. Life was difficult back then, but I am a very determined women and I have found that through adversity comes strength and I am now super women:) Love the Ellen show, because it is so uplifting and she is such a genuinely real human being. I would love to meet her some day, but I do live far away, so it will probably not happen. I will be content to watch her show and enjoy.
Carol Doyle
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
602 days ago

I watch the Ellen show every day, but I don't usually send in a request. You asked "what would you like"? My greatest wish is to know what it is like to be debt free. I know that I will always have living expenses, but I would love to know how it really feels to be debt free. I am going to be 67 years old, next week and I am still working full time. I have had a very interesting life with way too much to write about. I could share so much more with my awesome children, if I didn't have this much debt to pay. That is what my wish would be before I pass away.