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Ellen, I've already tweeted you and sent a comment to your Facebook page (under the names Carol-Anne Lucy Priolo and @CarolAnnePriolo) but I figure the more I try and reach you, the better off I am actually reaching you. I am from Queens NY, born and raised. Due to the storm Hurricane Sandy so many of my fellow Queens people have been suffering. The areas of Howard Beach, Broad Channel, the Rockaway's and Breezy Point have suffered the worst. There are people left without homes, electricity, food, water and some without their lives. I've never in my 19 years have seen such desolation in the place I call home. I am a huge fan of your show, as are many other people from Queens. You have helped so many people over the years and in my seeking you out, I know you more than anyone could help these people. They need you Ellen and I pray with all my heart that you see this and you can help these people!