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Ellen, more than anything in this world, I want to make such a positive impact on the lives of a generation of youth in ways that they, otherwise, would not experience. They, then, can, in time, pay it forward by effecting change in those who follow their example. Ellen, approximately seven years ago, I began a transition from my full-time, self-employed professional position to something less predictable and less familiar in order to explore proactive means to help young people. I have always, for nearly 30 years, done some type of volunteer work directed toward youth - many of whom are often referred to as "at-risk" (a terminology I strongly dislike!). I have finally taken the pros and cons, benefits, challenges and lessons of all those years of experience and fine-tuned what I believe is a one-of-a-kind concept. This concept is that of a much needed nonprofit organization which is education-based but its lessons are basic and foundational. They are nontraditional yet so practical and indispensable in adulthood. The "courses" I have conceived and formulated are those which, in my opinion, should be required in every school across the country because they are the very cornerstones we need to not only live our lives but to live our best lives. In short, the organization’s purpose is to empower youth with true life skills by utilizing pragmatic, innovative and collaborative learning methods. The objective is to instill self-esteem, self-respect and practical life skills through education, workshops, informational materials and mentoring. This is my dream - to leave such a legacy - to leave something so valuable that it will survive me and those it serves. Given the stage of my organization, I prefer not to share the name or more specific details in such a public forum. If this affects my opportunity to share further with you, Ellen, at a later time, I certainly understand and respect that. My transition, over the years, has become affected by my need to focus on my livelihood during these times. Accordingly, all resources - time, energy, funding - necessary for establishing and growing the nonprofit organization have been lacking. At this time, I would be so very grateful for any assistance to advance this project. "Any assistance" truly means that. Compassionate and committed people with certain knowledge or skills or particular areas of expertise consistent with my mission would be just as welcomed, if not more so, as any financial assistance. Such a resourceful group of individuals just might be the "right arm" I need. ... After all, a few awesome and passionate folk can accomplish anything! Thank you for the opportunity to put this energy out there! Love you, Ellen!