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Name Carol
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Hobbies Watching the Ellen show
About Me I used to work as a librarian, however I have been incapacitated due to illness but I am looking forward to feeling better in 2013.
Message from Ellen
317 days ago

I always want to enter your contests but I don't know how to download a photo in order for my entry to be received. I know call me silly I know in this day and age I should know how to do this. Silly. Anyway is there anyway of entering without having to download a you know what??? Help

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576 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Doy bo shi, I have been studing Mandarin also. Because I am tired of trying to get tickets for your show. and since I never get any I had to keep myself busy some other way. Thank you for always making me laugh since I had to be in bed for a real long time cuz of a car accident then surgery on my knee I enjoy your show immensely so thanks for that. I am gonna stop trying to win anything or to get tickets since I never get em' anyway. So long and keep up the good work in 2013!!

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666 days ago

Hi, I'm not mad i'm just saying! I was invited to the "Bethany Show"
in June but did not make it into the filming. We were all told that we had guaranteed 2 tickets to next season 10 "Ellen Show" still have not heard anything from anyone. And the "Ellen Show" is booked to January 2013, what gives guys??? Waiting to hear from you!