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Name Carol
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Hobbies Painting like I might be good, dancing as if no one was watching, watching the weeds grow where I planted flowers, telling my husband stuff he doesn't hear, wishing my kids would call then realizing the folly in that, pretending the dust bunnies will hop away on thier own.
About Me In my second or third act - am paralegal by trade, out of work in reality -- mother of two large furr children of the home, mother of two humans out of the home and state; call myself "granny for hire - have duct tape and benadryl!" Both hubby and I are working from home these days ..job hunting... would be killing each other if we didn't have separate working area. I dread retirement - if I can afford it!! Who the hell wants to be home all day with their spouse??? NOT ME! Most interesting thing about me is I have great blue eyes too... but my hair is longer than Ellen's - and I actually walked on fire once! on purpose!!!
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
515 days ago

I am waiting for Ellen to get her own big fluffy petticoat and wear it with lacy bobby sox and Mary Janes the next time the little girls from England are on....

And FYI I love Ellen's eyes.....