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Carmen Herrera
Fitch, Please
432 days ago

The point that Ellen is trying to make is the fact that Abercrombie and Fitch are telling the youth that they have to be tiny to be beautiful. That they should be able to fit in size 0 or 00. That being skinny DEFINES you and will make you ACCEPTED. It is reinforcing the fact that you have to be skinny to be beautiful in Western Culture. What if your natural body type is bigger than that? This Western culture is causing eating disorders, depression, suicides, etc. It is harmful to both WOMEN and MEN. Everyone's body shape is different and unique and beautiful, and if any clothing store is not willing to fit the people who are naturally small or big or people who have the misfortune of having an unhealthy diet, then why waste your time shopping at places that want to control your lifestyle and what you wear and profit off of it?

Unfortunately, America is getting bigger due to unhealthy diets, exercise, you name it. Some of it is in our genes, some of it is a modifiable risk factor that can be avoided. This is a completely separate issue that does need to be solved, but the answer is not limiting clothing sizes of places teens and other folk to shop at. Some people, especially teens and tweens, will feel pressured to lose weight in more unhealthy ways than healthy ways to fit that clothing, to be cool, to be accepted.

Then, you ask yourself, why should we even shop at these places that are obvious rip offs and probably use some inhumane way to manufacture their clothing? What is the effect on the environment? What do they do with the clothing they do not sell? There are many issues with big corporation companies such as Abercrombie, and the point that Ellen brings up is one of these many serious ones. Thank you Ellen, for addressing the topic and spurring conversation.