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carmen d smith
Name carmen d smith
Location la, ca
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About Me I'am widow of 1 year and9 months and I live alone & I go to bible study,sunday school and church. And I love to go to the movies.Thank you for asking about me. But my sister is really my concern.They helped to raise 8 children, and people are not giving back, shame on them, May GOD help them.
carmen d smith
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256 days ago

Ellen your heart warming gifts are wonderfull. The gift I would
like to have, you don't have to wrap,send in the mail. I will
come and get it. And that would be a ticket to your show. (smile )

carmen d smith
Message from Ellen
585 days ago

Ellen waiting to here from you.Regarding help for my sister Elvira
in Clevland OHio.

carmen d smith
Message from Ellen
598 days ago

Ellen I was hopeing to hear from you,about helping my sister
Elvira.She needs help so much, I have no other avenues to go.I'll
just keep on Praying, I do have Faith.
Your fan Carmen

carmen d smith
Message from Ellen
599 days ago

I pray that GOD will keep you and yours.

carmen d smith
Message from Ellen
599 days ago

Ellen I'am not trying to win anything for myself,but thank you.I
have a sister &brother in law, who despertley need your help.If you
are able to help them out so they can have a way to bathed. They are
both handicap,they live in a 2 story house and their bathroom is
upstairs,they have a portalstool,and if their grandson is not there
to empty it, my sister will crawl up the stairs to empty it. I hate
telling my sisters personal life like this, but she needs help. And
I don't have the money to help her.They both are diabedics,she is
75 going to be 76 jan 22nd & he is 81 and will be 82 march 7th.My
great niece told me the other day, that my sister needed a bath.
they live in Cleveland Ohio I live here in LA.Ellen I am not real
good with the computer,I wrote you a mail last week, but I don't
know If I did it right or not. So I'am trying again.I don't know
who else to ask ? Your the second one that I asked,I prayed and asked GOD.And in line of that, I see you more than not helping
people,these two people I am writing about have a heart of gold.They
raised 7 children and many grandchildren. And there are just 2 that has not turned thier backs on them, but they are doing what they can.I hope to hear from you Ellen,sometimes we as people can help
and sometimes we can't. And believ me, I understand.
From A sister who loves her sister

carmen d smith
You Write, Ellen Responds!
602 days ago

Ellen I have watched you on your show, and I use to say ooh I
would like that gift.But after hearing about my sister &brother in
law,I would hope and PRAY that you could help them to have some
kind of bath room downstairs where they have to remain. You see
Ellen they live in a 2 story house in Cleveland Ohio,my sister is
75years old she will be 76 Jan 22 2013 &her husband is 81 years old
& he is very ill. they are both diabetics. They have one grandson
living with them, they raised him, he does what he's able to do.
Before my husband passed away, we were able to go and see about them
&help as much as we could. But they were not as bad off as they are now. I've thought about how can I help ? I have nooo money to help
my sister. You kept running across my mind, I thought well all the
people she has helped through the years, maybe.What really mayed me
reached out to you I have been Praying & when I had talked to my
great niece tonight and she told me my sister needed a bath, well I
am trying to finish this letter to you, it's hard Ellen.
My sister is such a giving person, and has always been, but now that
Elvira & John need some love, there are 2 Grandchildren trying to
help,which my great niece is the one who told me that my sister is
not doing well at all, they need a place downstairs where they can
bathed.Ellen can you please find a way to help. Thank you for reading my letter.And may GOD BLESS you and yours. Carmen D Smith