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Carmen Consalvo
Name Carmen Consalvo
Location GOLDEN, CO
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Hobbies Creating! Cookng, gardening, soap, loom knitted items, faeries, jewelry, sewing, crafts, photography, art.
About Me I love to create using all sorts of supplies. I have theatre & radio background. I was an entertainer at the Colorado Renaissance Festival for many years B.C. (before children). My best talent, I guess you can say, is voices & accents. A friend of mine once compared me to Robin Williams. I told her I was flattered but I thought she was wrong. My ultimate career goal is to do Voice Overs for animated TV & movies, also voice over for commercials, radio, etc. & anything else that could use unique voices and/or accents. I actually have a four year old character that I created at a radio station I used to work at. The voice is so believable that the bossman thought a 4 yr. old called everyday to request music. I love to freak people out with that voice & others. I'd love to freak you out as well.
Carmen Consalvo
Ryan Seacrest
537 days ago

I love your show but I don't get to see it everyday like I'd like to. I get to watch on Mondays & Wednesdays. Anywho...I happened to be at work yesterday morning when two gals came in needing some help with picking out some items. I work at Disguises Costume Superstore in Lakewood, Colorado. The ladies were there to buy about 25 long & short blonde wigs. They were staff members for the Curtis Hotel in Denver. I had so much fun helping them pick out all of the wigs. When I was done I looked at our shelves & had naked heads everywhere! I spent the better half of the afternoon covering those bald heads with other colors of the same wigs if we had any left. It was so much fun. I really like wigs. After their visit I had several other folks coming in looking for wigs. By the end of the day I sold at least 29 or 30 wigs myself. Very good wig day! Naked heads will not be rolling around...well maybe behind the "scenes." I had several empty heads that I had to try to put in our head storage. Head basket ball is not so easy when the net is attached to the ceiling & you're only five feet tall and standing in a really narrow space. I can't wait to go into work today (I work the close shift today) to tell our wig Goddess, Jen, about my exploits of yesterday. I got to see the wigs on hotel staff members on 9news last night & I named all of the wigs that I knew. Eve, 1860...s, Soccer Mom, & more. Fun. Now I want to spend the weekend in our the hotel. Not sure I can afford it but I bet it would be fun.