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Carmelita Rivera
Name Carmelita Rivera
Age 57
Joined 582 days ago
Hobbies Sweing, reading writing Poems, DIY, make my own lamps and some furniture, Love helping other's, love my childre and grandkids.
About Me Making furniture, Lamps, sewing. Reading, Writing Poems, Cooking, Watching Ellen's show, and Steve harvey.
Carmelita Rivera
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581 days ago

I love your show and I watch it every day, but never had the chance to enter any giveaways or be surprised by a call, I don't want anything for me, I'm 56 and I just want to help my son, Ritchie Aulita, he's raising his 4 children without help from anyone and I commend him in doing a very good job, but he lost his job twice and now looking and if things get worst they might take his children away, he has the oldest children's mom has absolutely no contact with her children, I just wish someone would give him a hand, my grandchildren won't know about christmas this yr and maybe next, because of the situation, Thank you Ellen, and I love watching your movie, THE LOVE LETTER,everytime it comes on I have to watch it, it's so amazing, Love you sweetie and GOD BLESS you and YOUR'S.