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Carmela Brignolo
Name Carmela Brignolo
Joined 591 days ago
Hobbies Not much to say, I am a nanny housekeeper love to cook and most of watch your show.
About Me Just an every day person, who loves your show. I am more of a one on one gal, it's hard to put things into words on paper text and or computer, I feel better if I can look at someone while I am talking to them. I do feel than I need to tell you that Sean Diddy Combs. On your show had a his beard was crooked it looked uneven, I don't think it was my TV, I hope you don't think bad of me but I noticed it so fast, that I just had to tell you, if you tell him please don't let him no I didn't say this to embarrass him, I love him. Thank you, CarmelaBrignolo