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Carlene K Woods
Name Carlene K Woods
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Hobbies Cheering up the world. Quilt Art, love ALL animals, re-purposing everything & watching The Ellen Show
About Me My life changed drastically when I was labeled disabled because I have a HUGE heart (congestive heart failure) I still believe I can still do the things I used to & get slammed every time. I lost my health, job, insurance, benefits, savings, all my cool stuff, my car, house & sweetie in less than 6 months. No worries tho. I am told I'm 1 of the cheeriest, positive people ever. I pay it forward every chance I get. Not an option. It's my survival mode. Rarely does it have anything to do with money, since I have none (truly, 2bucks?)a compliment, smile, politeness, hugs- simply acknowledging their existence- beautiful things & gestures don't cost a dime. Nothing is more important to me as God & no one more than my Sweet Mama. She's been thru hell. Most people I know have 1 or 2 problematic family members or issues. Mama hit the "God, really?" stage years ago. I love "Ellen". I schedule my life around it. Bravo! You are better than a rock star.