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Carla smith
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About Me Hi Ellen , I am a single mom with the greatest grown children. My daughter is my BFF. We are struggling very bad in life's crazy twist. Please consider us for the 12 days giveaway. My daughter is seriously petrified to fly so I will be glad to drive on in from Baton Rouge, La Love ya Ellen !
Carla smith
Exclusive: Getting Down in the Audience!
614 days ago

Hi Ellen , I would like to tell you about my daughter. Her name is Kristi Smith and she is 24 years old. Her dad died at his age of 35 of a heart attack and her age of 5. She helped me raise her brother which was 19 months when Daddy died. She is a awesome young women. At the Age of 13 she was helping me handle my two handicapped parents. Kristi would change diapers. feed, bathe etc. We survived Hurrican Katrina in 2005 in which we lost a lot of our very sentimental items of her deceased dad.
We moved to Baton Rouge Louisiana in 2009 for a fresh start. Well it has been a very rocky road. We have been on welfare, unemployed, doing every possible job to keep us afloat. We managed to purchase a foreclosure home with no lights and no air conditioner in 95 degree weather in Louisiana. I have repaired the house and I am trying to sell it to make our house note lower. We are 2 months behind in our mortgage note of $1200. Our house is worth $129,000. I have recently received a reposession letter for my car. Kristi has recently wrecked her car that helps her get to work each day. Her boss spotted her $1500 to fix the car and is taking to money out of her check eack month. We have 11 cats and 4 dogs all rescues that we also take care of. I have 3 part time jobs. I have been looking for 3 years for a good full time job.
My daughter, Kristi is the most giving, helpful, loving, caring, dedicated person I know.
Even though we have been through so much difficult in the past 7 years, Kristi's attitude is that "as long as we have each other, we will be fine".
Ellen, it is so hard for me to watch your show at this time of the year because I am sad that I can't give my daughter a better life. Kristi is my best friend. We cry, we laugh, we cut up, we even finish each others sentences.
Ellen please help me give Kristi a Happy Birthday On Dec 20th and a Merry Christmas!
Carla Smith
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