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Carla Carper
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Hobbies taking care of my 86 year-old mom. Reading.
About Me In the past, I was Pres/CEO of our county Chamber of Commerce for 9 years. Now, out of necessity, I have closed my home and am full-time caregiver to my 86 year-old mom...thus the opportunity to watch Ellen daily. It was at one time a challenge to get her to watch for whatever reasons. Now she loves Ellen dearly and was fascinated yesterday with Portia - amazed at the beauty and the feeling that went between Ellen and Portia's eyes - Yes, she saw it! My dream, when, God forbid Mom finally is gone has been to drive from just north of Jacksonville on the Georgia coast to Forks, Washington. I guess, because I have no life, I have lived the last three in love with Bella and Edward. I have read the books five times and watched the movies - I have honest lost count. No, I am not a 63 year-old nut. I just find their story and love so refreshing - it reinforces, love does exist out there. And it began in Forks, Washington! What a wonderful trip - by myself - in a small SUV that I will have to purchase, and just go. Maybe by the time I get back I will know who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Can you imagine a Georgia gal standing on the beach at the res watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean - - from the Olympic Peninsual? Now that's a life!!! Then, I'll start my trek home by mapping the wineries from Washington State, through Oregon and California. A stop at each would probably dictate a stop in Los Angeles for (hopefully) a seat in Ellen's gallery after I sober up! I would almost kill to be there to see the cast of Breaking Dawn Part Deu, but just a seat would be awesome and hey, I can do a pretty good dance for a 63 tear(not a typo)-old with a 22 year-old mind! And Hey - I am even familiar with 49 Shades! I never have gotten to 50, I'm stuck reading the same page over and over and over and over and over and over! Hugs from one nutt to another - see we have 'em in South Georgia, too! God bless you.
Carla Carper
Memorable Moment: Robert Pattinson's 1st Appearance, Pt. 2
625 days ago

Keep watching your first interview with Robert Pattinson and of course your new one with the Twilight cast - juuuusssssttt awesome! Please pick me, pick me to come to your Twilight show. Of course I've entered - 62 full-time caregiver and anything Twilight is my peaceful place. Oh yes, your Sofia just completely moved the world - yep, you and Sandy (God bless them all). I'll even sit still and let you dump Twilight juice all over me - can you even imnagine Bella throwing a ball - she'd break something! And Edward...just not Kleland or Taylor - ouch! Thanks Ellen - I'm praying! ...and I have everything (and I mean everything) crossed! Carla Carper