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Carla Brown
Name Carla Brown
Location Peterborough, Ontario
Joined 588 days ago
Hobbies Scrap-booking, knitting, a bit of sewing, helping others and helping with my Granddaughter when able.
About Me I am a mother of 2 and a Grandma of 1. I have recently been taken off work for I am not able to work because I have Fibro... I am someone that likes helping others when ever I can and try to teach my kids the same and will teach my Granddaughter to do the same... giving back to the community is what life is about.... there is always someone worse of then yourself... I am thankful for my boyfriend for he is helping me through a very rough divorce.... between him and you (Ellen) is what makes me smile and laugh everyday through days that I just don't feel like it..... THANK YOU for being so funny and uplifting....
Carla Brown
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
535 days ago

I hope Portia had a great birthday! She sure did look like she loved what you did for her on your Friday show !
You both look so happy together and I am happy I finally found love like that also! My BF and I have only been together for 2 and a half years, but we are so happy together and know how to appreciate after what it took us to get to each other. Being loved is a grand thing!

Carla Brown

Carla Brown
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588 days ago

I love you and your show !! Thank you for giving me something to smile and laugh about each day !!!!!