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Carl Ross-Jennings
Name Carl Ross-Jennings
Location East Orange, New Jersey
Age 44
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies Visiting Lighthouses, making sure people are happy, running, and beach time.
About Me I am an African American kind hearted guy. I work for Visting Nurse Service of NY. I see alot of myself in Ellen actually. I am funny, giving, and always making sure people have a smile on their faces or comfortable where they are. I love spending time with my daughter and grandson (Yes, grandson) SMDH.. I would love the opportunity to meet Ellen or even win a couple of holiday gifts. lol.. You asked.. lol.. Love Ellen and let's get our dance on one day.
Carl Ross-Jennings
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595 days ago

Ellen, It's me Carl Ross-Jennings. I absolutely adore you. I wanna come to the show, win some prizes and gifts as I never win anything. Can't even catch a free shirt at a basketball game. The show is what the world needs and thank you. If I never meet you I hope you get this note and my prayers and good wishes are always with you. Happy holidays to you and yours.