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Carl Popham
Name Carl Popham
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Hobbies Astronomy (telescopes, not horoscopes), Movies, and encouraging solar, hydrogen and electric. Truly clean and readily available renewable energy.
About Me I tend to be liberal in most things, and I suppose that is why I relate to Ellen. Btw, kudos for pointing out Taylor Swift's foibles. She definitely earned them. I love Kittens, Malamutes with the distinctive widow's peak, Mystery Science Theater 3000, but only the earlier shows with host Joel Hodgeson - (Superb!),FDR and taking walks in Autumn when the leaves are at the height of their color.
Carl Popham
Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her 'Dumb' Tattoo
433 days ago

Having a little tattoo with a positive message isn't necessarily dumb, and it can even be aesthetically pleasing. Now, if it had the name of an ex-boyfriend on it, I could see the inherent problem of that, especially if you happen to be Taylor Swift! :)