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Carie Pinheiro
Name Carie Pinheiro
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Hobbies I use to have all kinds of them but now I am limited. LOL. So now I read a lot. Love to walk my doggie. I love to take long ride on my motor cycle by my self.
About Me Hi, I am 35yrs old. I am married to an incredible man who deserves an " I am a patient one" award. I have 3 amazing kids that keep me going. I try to use humor as my medicine. I have had a bumpy road over the last few years. There have been a lot of speed bumps on it. I have a funky spine and trying not to get lost along the way.
Carie Pinheiro
Wanda Sykes, Kevin Pollak
602 days ago

OMG, I love her. She is a riot! I can't wait till Friday!