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Hey my name is Candace. I'm entering on behalf of my grandmother Wyonnette Gann. I think she deserves a special gift for all the hard work she does for not only me but my family. She's been through some really tough times. Since her husband has been gone she hasn't gotten out of the house much at all. She stays cramped up in this little apartment all day. Recently she was having troubles with her veins in her legs clotting up. After so many surgeries and all not workin she had to get her leg amputated.Then the doctors said her other leg wasn't looking too great either that soon something will have to be done.Other issues have came up and shes constantly running back and forth to doctors.I feel that she stays depressed and emotional alot and i want to give her something to enlighten her day. Thats where i hope you could help. We watch your show and i seen this and i took this opportunity. Well have a Merry Xmas We love you Ellen.