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Name camille
Location seabrook, nh
Age 47
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Hobbies cooking, karaoke,
About Me 46 year old mom of 3,
Nicki Minaj
562 days ago

Hi, nicki, I was at season premiere of American idol. You look awesome as always. I'm a huge fan of yours, I am hoping 1 day to meet you in person. Please come back to Boston, we love you

Ellen Sticks Her Neck Out
564 days ago

If I was there, I would give you a hotmail massage. I give great mmassages, get better girlfriend US fans need you

Quotes of the Week
566 days ago

I would love to see her in concert, and get to meet her, she is the sexiest woman alive

Message from Ellen
566 days ago

Dear Ellen, please make my wish come true
I've been through so much in such a short time
It was like my Mind and body and life came flashing down
I know there is a reason for everything, but when does it
All stop, being homeless, looking all my belongings
But the clothed we had in bags, live in a car, with a cpap machine
Plugged into cigs lighter, then finding out I have throat cancer, have surgery
Find out now it's back, I'm trying to stay so strong, but who am I fooling,
I can't do this anymore, I have 4 month's left to find a apt, try to furnish it
Get new bedding, clothes, jackets, ect, I can't I'm on disabilities and what I getpays
The rent and 2 bills, they expect 4 people to live on 200. A month in food stamps
I worked all my life and always helped people in need, now that we need help
People seem to forget, I cry myself to sleep overnight when I do try to sleep
I go days without eating just to make sure my kids have enough food, we didn't have a
Thanksgiving, no dinner, no Christmas, no tree, no pretty lights, just sad faces
But we had eachother, we had our bible, we have Jesus, but I still ask myself
Why me god, what did I do so wrong for me to go through all this. I pray someone
Would come and say my worrying is over, but I know that won't happen
It's 130 am, and I'm sitting here praying for a miracle.
Ellen you have changed so many people's lives, please help US.
I would love to hear your voice, 978 358 8749 or my state cell 603 997 2559
I feel likevsuch a begger, but I'm doing this for my kids, so we won't be homeless
Anymore, and I will sleep again, love you Ellen, Camille

See the Winners from Day 5 of 12 Days!
569 days ago

How do we find out who won flurry giveaway. I wish it was me

What's Wrong with That Tree?
570 days ago

Hmmmm, I wanna squeeeesee that grape lol

What's Wrong with That Tree?
570 days ago

Omg I love it, Ellen you make my day, that is so funny. I hope I win today, I answered all the secret words girlfriend

Message from Ellen
571 days ago

Ellen , my daughter and her wife said #pickmymom Ellen, lol, they are funny, you have to see them dance when you come on , my daughter loves rihanna her eyes will be glued to tv tomorrow, they have been helping me out with food and making sure I'm taking meds, but I know cancer is back in my throat, but I'm leaving this in gods hands, what I've been through the last 6 month's can't get any worse, please Ellen make my wish come true
Love you

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