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About Me I have been married to my best friend, Rick, for 29 years. I am a mother to one fantastic son, Brett, a step-mother to a wonderful young man, Lance, and two awesome young women, Tehra and Hollie, and I'm Grandma Cal to nine of the cutest kids in the world. I'm a sports nut - a lifelong 49er and SF Giants fan - and have spent many happy years cheering for my kids' teams and my husband's football teams at the local high school. I have worked for Sysco San Francisco for the last 23 years and my job is to sell food and supplies to Bay Area schools for their breakfast, lunch, and snack programs. It is an honor to work every day with the dedicated Foodservice Depts at these public schools, and most days I really love my job. I have two cats, Allie and Maui, and one dog, Kiwi. I have a very good life!
Cal B
And the Day 12 Winners Are...
605 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I can't figure out how to enter the 12 Days Contest, but will write this comment in hopes that it will be seen by you or your staff. I'm certainly not in need, not like so many people that you help, so I'm writing to ask you to consider inviting my husband and step-daughter to attend one of the shows. Rick lost his job over 2 years ago, after working for almost 40 years, and instead of feeling sorry for himself, he used his free time (once he had exhausted every avenue looking for employment) to volunteer at the local food bank, to take over the running of our household, to become the primary caregiver for my 78 year old mother, and to coach football at a local high school. He always has a positive attitude and a love of life. His daughter, Tehra, is very much her father's daughter. She and her husband are struggling to raise their blended family of 5 children. They have four teenagers and a 7 year old - all bright, caring, beautiful children - who are always in need of something. Tehra and her husband do whatever it takes for their family and never complain or take any of life's joys for granted. If there were any chance that Rick and Tehra could attend your 12 Days show, it would be much more than they would ever ask or expect, but would certainly be a just reward for the type of people they truly are!
thank you for your consideration.