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Caiden Vales de Menezes
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Caiden Vales de Menezes
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
545 days ago

Hi Ellen My Idol,
My name is Caiden and I am 15 years old from Perth, Western Australia. I have been watching your show since it first appeared on Australian screens in 2004. I enjoy watching your show everyday and have never missed an episode. Since I am at school during the day, I make sure that I watch your Encore show which is telecasted everyday on GEM at 5pm. I even schedule viewing your show in my Study Planner. Everyday before I leave for school, I make sure I check the Ellen Show Facebook Page.

I look up to you as my role model. Through your many acts of kindness,you have inspired me to help out in my school,church and local community.

You have a fantastic sense of humour and it really rejuvenates me especially when I am feeling a bit down. I love to use your catchy jokes and phrases to help perk up my family and friends. I make sure I let them know that I've got the inspiration from you,Ellen.

As you are visiting Down Under, I would be happy and feel privileged to be part of your audience.

Meeting you Ellen would be a memorable moment in my life, one that I will cherish forever.

Thank you for all the laughter and joy that you have brought into my life.

Your Biggest Australian Fan
Caiden Vales de Menezes