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When Ellen Met Elias
190 days ago

I just love, love this segment..!!! I just watched this over and over again..Elias was so excited and happy..Ellen you always made the young children happy & Excited .!!! I got tears on my eyes, just watching him being excited and lovable towards you. You made Elias dreams come true. I have Loved you from the beginning of your career and have follow you forever and watched all of your sitcoms and shows.. you are the Best.. you are in my top 10 list !!. of my the comedians that I truly watch and love the most. Watching your eyes gleamed!. as Elias gives you all his love and happiness and excitement was truly amazement to me. .made my day..I Thank You for this day..just when I thought life can not get any worse for my husband and I. all I had to do was turn to channel 2 and there you are making me laugh and happy..You are the angel undercover..(in my mind..)...Mrs. Brunilda Luterek From Cheektovegas, New York.. That's ( Cheektowaga )making a funny...Love ya...( Bru.. this is my nickname...) Brunilda is to long and people never get it Bru is good.!!!!o.k. i got to stop now or I Will be writing you forever...tata...I have to go piddle. now thats to much information..hahaha...