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Name Brooklyn
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Hobbies I love to watch the Ellen Show, play Know or Go on my iPod, write, and make bracelets.
About Me I'm a very enthusiastic person around people. But when I'm down, I look to the Ellen DeGeneres show to lighten up my spirit! I love to do crafts. I make bracelets and origami creations. I sent one to Ellen, hopefully she'll get it! I may be (almost) 13, but I am easily Ellen's biggest fan. I live in Canada, but I am determined to get to the Ellen Show! I like helping others, too. In 2011 ( when I was in grade 6 ), I collected money from my class to go towards the Humane Society in my city. With only one class, we donated over $50.00 in spare change, and I also went out and bough bags and bags of pet food for the shelter, with my own money. It felt good to help out! In grade 6, I won a city-wide essay contest and got to be the city's Cheif for a Day. It was fun! And at the end of grade 6, for graduation, I was given the Valedictorian award and wrote a speech! Ellen is my role model. She inspires me every day with her warm smile and her kind heart. She just makes me smile!
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548 days ago

Hahaha, so funny Ellen! My name is Brooklyn and I am from Peterborough, Ontario Canada. I will soon be 13 years old and I am absolutely your biggest fan! <3 I've read 'Seriously... I'm Kidding' ( and I'm re-reading it! ), I am in the middle of reading 'The Funny Thing Is', and I bought 'My Point...And I Do Have One' for after I'm done 'The Funny Thing Is'!

'My Point...And I Do Have One' was published 4 years before I was born. :)

I play WeTopia, and ( so far ), I've given more than 10,000 goodwill. I made a special part in my WeTopia with the Ellen Joyground, both Canadian and American and 'Ellen' flags, and a flower garden that reads 'Ellen', and I'm saving up my Facebook points for your Swaggin Wagon, Know or Go, and the 'Hot Glam, Girl' Salon!

You inspire me everyday, and you are such an incredible, amazing person. When I'm 14, I really want to fly to Burbank from Canada where I live, to go to your show. My dream now is to go to your show, meet you, take a picture with you and spend some time with you. That would be incredible, that is my whole Ellen Dream experience. :D

Since you do so many things to help others, I decided to do something in my community. Yesturday, I went to a pet store and bought pet food with my friend as a donation to my local Humane Society. You inspired me to take action.

You are a beautiful person inside and out, and I love you so much that I made a video for you, and just about you. It says how much I love you and how much I want to meet you. I worked hard on it!

I would love for you to watch it, it is my part of my Ellen Dream experience :)

Here's the link! :

I would also love for you to follow me on Twitter ( if you want, of course! ). My Twitter is on my profile :)

I love you so much, and please watch my video! <3 I'm your biggest fan and I will love you forever :)

PS: Your Executive Producer Andy has favourited three of my tweets and I'm really excited about it! :)

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 xoxox much love!

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571 days ago

I love Ellen's quote! "It’s not healthy to eat so much. But the thing about food is, it’s delicious."

Haha Ellen, I love you <3