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Brookelyn Kai Tiffin
Name Brookelyn Kai Tiffin
Location el cajon, CA
Age 18
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Hobbies photography, baking, soccer
About Me im a seventeen year old girl who loves to watch Ellen and loves Justin Bieber. I love photography and baking. Im a senior in highschool and i plan on going to baking and pastry school when i graduate.
Brookelyn Kai Tiffin
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Hey Ellen, i record your shows everyday and i you are truely my inspiration. My step mom Dawn is amazing and went to go purchase me Justin Bieber tickets for the show in San Diego in June. As she proceeding to buy the tickets, they gave her a minute and a half, she timed out. She went to try again and it sold out. It broke my heart to think that was probably my only chance at going to one of his concerts since they are so expensive and never really in town. All i want for christmas Ellen is to at least see him in concert. It would be a dream to meet him. Ellen im just asking for a little help. Ive seen families that have really struggled on your show and im not saying my family has even one tenth of the hardships as them but i would love to at least see Justin in concert. Being in a family with 6 people. 2 eighteen year olds that are going to college. My brother who is a 16 year old Sophomore and me a 17 year old senior. Just a little push in that direction could really help. Getting older could only worsen my chances of actually meeting him. No matter if you see this or not you are awesome and a great role model. Thank you for being there to make me laugh everyday:) xoxo