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Brooke Canning
Name Brooke Canning
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Hobbies Looking after animals, hockey, watching tv.
About Me 18 years old. Live in New Zealand. Have religiously loved Ellen and watched every episode possible since I was 15. Season 10 is premierng tomorrow here in NZ and I can not wait!!!!
Brooke Canning
An Incredible Speech in New Zealand
452 days ago

Considering I am from NZ, have always supported marriage equality, and have literally watched your show everyday since I was 15, you can only assume I am your biggest fan, and seeing this video on your website has literally made my whole year! This speech is exactly what makes our country amazing and to have the recognition from my idol (let alone the world), excites me immensely. I am praying that it all works out and he will be on your show soon, putting NZ's amazing name out there! To you. Ellen Degeneres. I still can not believe it.