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briza sanchez
Name briza sanchez
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Hobbies singing 2 justin bieber song in my room all day.
About Me i love justin biebr. my 1st love was in 2009 and it still is with the same person justin bieber i c Ellen all the time i love amimals even thought i eat lots of meat. i have bown hair and eys i also love fruts and i love putting my vans on every things i love scary things love to get scard and many more thing i love u ellen u make me happy:D
briza sanchez
Zac Efron, Ed Sheeran and Rebel Wilson
398 days ago

I <3 zac I love how he acts and his beautiful eyes If I ha d a chance to meet him the first question would be can u sing now. its been amount 3 or 4 years when I saw u sing in high school musical. I would really wont to see you sing maybe a do-it with ellen sins ellen knows evry song