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John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John! Day 3 of 12 Days!
601 days ago

Hey Ellen just wanted to say first of all I LOVE YOU and thank you for always making me laugh I thought it would be funny to share my story and then tell you how much I would love love love to meet John Travolta and Olivia newton. Well I was about 13 when I first watch Grease and I was obsessed with grease. My mom took me and my family to LA and she told me I was going to be able to meet John Travolta I was sooooo excited I guess he was going to be somewhere in LA and my mom told me she was going to take me to see him. Well we stopped by the beach before we went. We all got out of the car and to make a long story short I left my ear plugs in the car and in order for me to get in the water I needed my ear plugs my mom gave me the keys to go get them and well all never for get that day I locked the keys in the trunk when I went back to tell my mom she was so angry she kept telling me "well there goes all my money" she then told me we didnt have enough money to go see him and as soon as we got the keys out we went home :(. Well it would be a DREAM of mine to finally see/possible meet John travolta. It would be the best GIVEAWAY to me Merry Christmas Ellen your the best