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Brittany Tucker
Name Brittany Tucker
Age 20
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Hobbies Field Hockey, Cross Country, Track&Field, Dance
About Me I have a Dad who lives in Ottawa because the Military made him and my mom take care of my sister and I on her and driving us places and my sister does 12-14 dance classes a week and field Hockey too and I do field hockey and my other sports, and my mom always has to drive us everywhere on her!!! I does little jobs like cleaning homes and bees a janitor at her work just to let my sister and I do what we want to do. She is on her own and plus her own family just started giving her the silent treatment, so she is actually on her own. Please help Ellen!!! I love her so much and I dont know what i would do without her. Please 1 (250) 386-8866 we are also a huge fan of you and we watch your show when we can or we record it :) love you <3
Brittany Tucker
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498 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Please please let us win, i wrote you before about with my mom and all.
Love :

Brittany Tucker
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603 days ago

Hey Ellen I'm a huge fan of your and I love what you do to help out!!! Your honestly my favorite person and your show is my favorite show. I just wanted to say that my mom is raising 2 teenagers by herself while her husband is living in Ottawa because the Military made him move. Everything is just dieing in the house. First The washer just stopped working but now it works again, our dryer died. Our cat on fire but just the fur, My glasses broke!!! Aka Oldest daughter. My mom had cancer twice. Has stressed problems, high blood pressure and raising 2 daughters, and my younger sister is taking 12-14 classes of dance a week and i just finished cross country and field hockey, and my mom just lives in the car.