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Brittany Donatelli
Name Brittany Donatelli
Location Syracuse , Ny
Age 26
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Hobbies Art, traveling, and empowering students to realize their potential
About Me Graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2011 with a Fine Arts Degree. While I travelled as a Leadership Coach for Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, I accepted a position on Slippery Rock University's Alumni Board. Both positions have helped to cultivate my passion for student leadership. Currently, I am in the Higher Education program at Syracuse University! #GoOrange!
Brittany Donatelli
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229 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I wanted to share this amazing video that has been flooding my newsfeed on Facebook. It's about an airline in Canada that made a Christmas miracle come true. WestJet asked passengers what was on their Christmas list this year and while the passengers were in the air, the employees rushed out to purchase their wishes before they landed. I immediately thought of you and all of the wonderful things you and your staff do for people across the U.S. during this time of year, and had to share. You may have already seen it, if so please pass it a long to others to warm their hearts this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to you and your family,
Brittany Donatelli
Graduate Assistant for Leadership
Syracuse University