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Brinttany Boles
Name Brinttany Boles
Location Lafayette , IN
Age 27
Joined 458 days ago
Hobbies Dancing with Ellen as daily exercise. Cooking, Dancing, and Hiding from my kids to increase their tracking instincts
About Me I'm a newlywed as of 4-5-13. I'm mother of 3 boys. I work and try to run a small business. I'm a free sport who appreciate my life and all that's in it. I have some medical problems which make me stumble sometimes but I find my way because I have so much to fight for. Love the show you keep me dancing my troubles away
Brinttany Boles
Shakira, Bethenny Frankel
391 days ago

Your show gives me a personal vacation everyday I love the fact that you are who you say you are, Ellen '' the real deal'' DeGeneres! Hopefully one day I can meet you live. Just promise to keep me smiling much love.

Brinttany Boles
Message from Ellen
458 days ago

Why oh why would you ask this of me... It was nerve wrecking to choose despite Dennis Quaid being and unbeatable contender the one that got me was when you tried to teach Hugh Laurie what the meaning of shawty was lol the whole game was hilarious but the cut the cake. Smiling like a Chester cat as I type.