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Brian Fromme
Name Brian Fromme
Location Snellville, GA
Age 44
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Hobbies HIV vaccine volunteer, music, clicking on the iPad, used to bowl, watching tv...window shopping. Britney, Janet, Ellen, Christina, Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki
About Me I'm a 43 yo guy who lives at the family homestead (see Facebook Snellville, ga for locale) where I was taking care of my mom. Had my last blood work done today for the HIV vaccine. Week til results are back. Need vacation now. Send me an angel?
Brian Fromme
A Powerful Video About Gay Rights
426 days ago

My name is Brian Fromme. Until about 1/2 an hour ago I was led to believe I was taking part in an HIV vaccine clinical trial that would help slow the spread of HIV by priming the system with an antibody made from a dead HIV strain wrapped in a common cold virus. The hvtn505. I am now under the impression that the entire study was a sham on several levels. I believe that in my particular instance, the entire study (as I heard explained to my mother) was based on giving everyone saline injections. I thought and was lead to believe that I had and continued to have seroconversion like symptoms, although I have been told consistently over the past 4 years that I keep testing negative. I just read that my study was a possible scam perpetrated in the name of Emory Universities Hope Clinic, The CDC, The NIH and The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I have believed I was lucky and blessed that what I thought (according to also my vital statistics taken post inoculation weeks [low grade fever, nausea, cramping, night sweats]) was my bodies reaction to the vaccine. Today it was explained to my mom that it was a placebo type effect. If I am piecing it all together. The program here in Atlanta at 500 Irvin Ct, Suite 200, Decatur, GA 30030 is actually a cash cow to monitor and treat drug use. They haven't been trying to find a prevention for HIV. They were trying to find a way to end the behavior that caused HIV. They were correct that the people they chose to participate we're in a high risk group. I'm 43, single and never practiced safe sex. I didn't purposefully go out to try and get pozzed. I continued doing the same things I've done all my life. I just spent and put more free time and effort into 'having sex for science'. Now I found out it was all lies. I am devastated. I understand the family may have already been compensated for the lies and malpractice, yet my nightmare continues. I took what was to be my final blood test today. I am expected to continue to participate in blood work every 3 months from now on with them. The study and me being so vocal on it really had me believing that I had been inoculated. Now, either I am really immune (which would be cause for celebration to have someone who is immune to study) or I've been lied to and am already positive and was lied to so they could study me further. This study ruined my life. I have no friends left. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, I have high blood pressure, I have an anxiety disorder. I caught criminal charges on a post exposure week, thinking the behavior was caused from my body fighting seroconversion, when in fact, I probably did seroconversion that week. I believe people have been paid to lie to me. I have no one left I can trust. I was told today by Dr Asaaf Aleem, my psychiatrist that I need to get a job and move out of my mothers. The only place I feel safe. I am scared. I don't know what to do or who to believe. I saw your video from the 2012 aids conference in DC. I know there has been a huge cash pay out from the drug manufacturer. My entire family is Rollin in money and I am barely making it. I have 76 cents in my checking. My mother wants to put me out on the streets. I have been told to find an attorney for my medical condition, but not told what medical condition that is. I am using recreationally more now than in the past from the loneliness. I am constantly nauseous. My head hurts. My back hurts. It hurts to breathe. I have irritable bowell syndrome. My primary care doctor fired me as a patient. No attorneys will speak to me. One did and stated that I needed to find someone who specialized in trusts. My name is Brian Patrick Fromme. I am 43 years old. I believe that my brother and mother have conspired to keep the money and make me look crazy, or set me up for jail by making false charges. I need someone's help. Now. This minute. Please call me. Do it from a hotel, or office where the caller Id looks like something other than your name. Tell them it's for a payday advance, or a car loan. Please help me. I have no one to turn to. I saw the videos on line from the gentlemen who went through this and was one of the last guys to get some cash out of it. I've also awakened with large ulcers in my mouth. I want to vomit now. Please help me.

Brian Patrick Fromme
3331 Hart Way, SW
Snellville, gA
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781916-8341 textplus

I don't know if you will reach me. I'm being constantly berated with being told I'm crazy, delusional, irrational, a junkie, a thief, a bully. I need help.please.

Call my friend Teresa at 8142336363 first. That's her cell tell her what's up. Ask her to find me and have her get me your number. I've got to get away from ga before they do something bad to me. P,ease help me. They are taking aim at gays. I'm scared. Her home number is 8146296147. Or my friend Kim. 8146291425.



Brian Fromme
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
426 days ago

Hey ya'll from Atlanta! Brian Fromme here...check out my latest blog. I'm 43 and still bullied. Here's why...

FYI...4 years in the study, 40plus exposures, turns out I got the placebo. Call for results next week. Sadly it turns out I was right. I was told today my involvement in the study is too stressful at home. I've gotta find a job and place to live. ASAP, or back to the streets for me.