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Brent Vegors
Name Brent Vegors
Location Waukee, Iowa
Age 45
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About Me I am married to my best friend, his name is Jerry, and we will be celebrating 25 years together in 2014. I am a Registered Nurse, currently disabled, but taking each day at a time. When I turned 40 we were in Maui to celebrate my birthday. I slept the vast majority of the time of the two week vacation. When we returned home I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with what they thought was a Viral Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure. I recovered and attempted to go on with my life. In June I collapsed on our deck, my husband performed CPR and I was admitted to the hospital. When they did my Angiogram they informed my family I needed emergent open heart BUT I had less than a 50% chance of surviving. I did not have the surgery until July. I did not do well with the post surgical period and my husband never left my side. Since then I have had 5 additional surgeries. I no longer have a sternum, have titanium anchors holding my chest closed, and a state of the art pacemaker. I am still not back to full strength but I am getting along better. My husband has been there for me time and time again. My daily ritual included "ELLEN" EVERY WEEK DAY. Appointments were scheduled around the show, Jerry made sure I was awake to watch the show, and I can honestly say I am not sure I would have been able to endure everything without my time with Ellen. For an hour I was able to laugh,(though it hurt a bit), smile, and even cry sometimes. I am now 44, closing in on 45, and still make sure we watch Ellen. If I absolutely cannot be here, you can be assured it has been recorded. I am blessed to have such an incredibly devoted husband and am so thankful for the uplifting shows you have provided through these many years. My goal, and I am not sure HOW I will do it, is to marry my husband again as we did not get to have our family and friends be there. I was going in for yet another surgery and I wanted to be officially married to Jerry before I went in again. We were married at a VERY small courthouse here in Iowa. 2014 is my goal. We will have been together 25 years, Jerry will turn 50 and I will turn 45. Thank you to the ENTIRE ELLEN TEAM for helping us both get through such a challenging time in our lives and for personally lifting my spirits on days when I really did NOT want to go on. You are life savers. Thank you for ALL you do for SO many people whom actually have something to complain about or go above, and beyond, to help others. I do what I can to help with various organizations as there is such an INCREDIBLE amount of need. I encourage EVERYONE to do whatever you can to help where ever and when ever you can. We are ALL humans sharing this earth together.
Brent Vegors
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176 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Thank you for your exceptionally positive shows, the encouragement you provide to SO many people, and the way you ALWAYS remind people to... "Be kind to one another." I have been through some remarkably "trying" times in my life, especially over the last 5 years, and YOUR show has been a continuous source of encouragement, happiness, a few tears, and a way to keep MY situation in perspective. THANK YOU for ALL you do on and off the television. Our world is a MUCH better place thanks to your courage in "Coming out" to live, and share with us, your truth. Both you and Portia are in our prayers, our thanks go out to the both of you, and if you are EVER in the Des Moines, IA area PLEASE feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to have a local show you the INCREDIBLE state of Iowa.
With love, respect, and best wishes in ALL you do...
Brent V.