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Brent Rouse
Name Brent Rouse
Location Sumner, WA
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Hobbies Traveling in our motorhome, Riding my Harley, Eating, and Photography
About Me spent 8 years in the military, about 10 years (3+ yrs each) at 3 big well established companies that all went out of business. One had been around for 105 years. I began to think I was bringing about the demise of them. spent 1 year self employed, then 20 years at Boeing. I am now retired with my wife Carol (35 years). We have 3 children, the oldest passed last year from cancer. We are on our 3rd pair of Shi-Tzu children. We always had pairs so they could entertain each other, when we were not spoiling the h*ll out of them.
Brent Rouse
Caption This! Before and After
321 days ago

Mommy said, "we didn't eat our veggies, so we don't get to watch Ellen". Wow! That punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Brent Rouse
Howie Mandel, Dave Grohl
336 days ago

This is not the first time that I wasn't able to answer the daily question from the show. Now I know you may have to dig for the answer. I dug and found the answer.