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Name Brenden-John
Location Los Angeles, CA
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Hobbies Biking, Photography, Reading, Classical Music, Composing, Camping
About Me I am a hard-of-hearing photographer living in LA. I speak rather well considering I'm legally deaf. I speak very well, I even play the clarinet and love it. I love to bike on my mountain bike. I love camping, but it's been years. My bigger passion, close to driving even though I have no car in years, is photography. I really like nature photography, I do the best I can living in LA with no car and limited camera equipment. But I make the best of it and I enjoy it!
Quote of the Day: Fat Chance
602 days ago

Hi Ellen,

So I am watching your show today with the "Ball Ladies", 11 28, 2012, and You where saying there is another chance to win 12 days of giveaway tickets. It was nearly 8 at night and I quickly rushed to the store after seeing the numbers, bought two tickets with the numbers, came back home to rewind the DVR to see what I am suppose to do with the tickets... Boy, did I just to conclusions... I bought two tickets with the numbers your Ball Ladies picked thinking I was suppose to show proof I bought a ticket and send in a photo of it, lol... Well, I got two tickets just before the machines where closed for the night with your numbers on it! Maybe my lil mis hap will be funny enough to win a ticket? I live here in Los Feliz, I am sure I can ride my bike to your show, or take a city bus!

310 621 3591 txt only please as I'm hard-of-hearing!