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brenda sotcan
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About Me my name is Brenda I live with an awesome cat her name is boots she has to put up with my craziness lol I have major depression and I've had it all my life so I have never been able to work I have other mental disorders ptsd bi-polar ive tried stupid things including suicide but I have learned from that I had a lesbian relationship right out of hi school who after 11 yrs decided she wanred to cheat so I let her go cheat then I met a very nice man who I married and after 8 months and 7 days he decided to have a massive heart attack and died then the day after his funeral my 16 yr old cat died it was not the beat yr of my life but it wasn't the worst either twenty years later I decided to give my heart to my cat and my mom who is now 85 by the way being the youngest of 11 and also the youngest of nine living was not my ideal of fun. my mom and boots our my pride and joy I love them with all my heart. life is also better with my belief in the here after