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Brenda Nurnberger
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About Me Retired Para Professional (teacher aide) local HS, happily retired.
Brenda Nurnberger
The Tenacious Tim Allen
149 days ago

Watched 2/24 episode with the Starline bus entrance to the studio.
We had an incident with that tour bus line 1 1/2 yr ago, that would be a great Kevin the Cashier stint. A ticket taker came up to the bus after we boarded and ask one of our group for our tickets. My friend cleaned out his pockets and was not given a ticket or confirmation for our group, all he had was his receipt. The man (Barney Fife type) held up the tour for several minutes and finally the driver said some choice words to the man and we drove off. We are still laughing about it and I was talking to a friend about it this morning. The man was holding a clip board and a credit card swipe machine. I think it was the first time the man ever had a job with a little authority. It was just so funny.