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Brenda Henry
Name Brenda Henry
Location Columbus, GA
Age 56
Joined 597 days ago
Hobbies Cross stiching, walking
About Me I'm a disabled widow with a 23 yer old son; looking on the better side of life. Evn though my son is grow, I want to help him out when I can (lives in New York, NY). I try to look on the good side of things--loving life. I watch your everyday & it always makes my day!
Brenda Henry
Message from Ellen
556 days ago

!!!Happy Birthdsy!!! They say---You are young as you feel-age is just a number. Hope you have a wonderful day. You make so many dreams come true for others, hope your dreams come true for you.

Brenda Henry
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588 days ago

Hi Ellen.
I love your show; whatever chores or errands I have to do, I try and get them done before your show comes on. Your show always puts me in a good mood--your too funny. I would love to come to your show but I don't have a car and am physicly disabled--had a sroke a year ago and have MS for almos 30 years.I don't let those two things stop me though (might be alitle slow, but that's life). I stay positive because someone out there is probably worst. I wish I could have come to your show-12 Days of Christmas- bvut I can't afford it; living on disablity,I have just enough money to pay the monothly bills, don't the extras. Like I said earlier I don't have a car, if I need to go to doctor or buy groceries, I have to call a friend to take me. I'm thankful I'm not worse. Thanks for making my day.
B Henry

Brenda Henry
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589 days ago

I love your show--do whatever I have before your hsow comes on-don't want too miss it. I am phically disabled-had MS almost 30 years & suffered a stroke last year. I don't have a car (that's on my wish list- nothing big, maaybe a Nissan), wuld love to get one of your 12 days of Christmas. Hope you have a very Merry Chritmas.