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Brenda Heath
Name Brenda Heath
Joined 239 days ago
Hobbies Love to take Pictures and make photo books.....
About Me I am a Retired Digital Retoucher......but I do try and watch The Ellen Show every day!!!!!I am also very shy and don't like asking for help even when I need it.
Brenda Heath
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
239 days ago

Help!!!!!!!!!!! Can't seem to find how to get on as a home viewer for the 12 Days of Christmas.... This has been a horrible year for me. I rented my townhouse to someone and they have completely destroyed it. I am retired and I have one more year of an ESOP account and then I don't receive any other pension....I am using the last of that money to fix the townhouse up so I can live in it. I can barely make in meet now.
I was trying to save my next years check for a new car , but that is probably out now for sure. Trying to get it together..... Thanks Brenda Heath