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Everyone should do their homework. Good intentions like donating $100,000 to an animal organization ARE usually good, but not in this case. Please do a little research on HSUS. They are being investigated by the US government for being heavy at the top with very high salaries for their officials. Much of the money they collect from innocent uniformed people goes to lobbying...almost none directly to cats and dogs!!!!! If you want to help cats and dogs, give directly to no-kill shelters in your local communities; that way the money goes to the animals and not to unrealistic salaries and lobbying. What is HSUS lobbying for?: their Vegan prohibit the eating of meat, to stop farm production of meat, to stop ownership of animals. they believe
animals should be running loose in the wild. they would like to prevent breeding of pets and all pet ownership. All our lovely cat and dog breeds would disappear if they had their way. Look it up and you will see the truth. It is so bad that an anti- HSUS organization has been founded, and they have taken out ads in the NY Times and had a billboard in Times Square pleading with people to
see the real and disappointing truth about HSUS and to stop HSUS
lies. I can't believe that Ellen is promoting HSUS, but most of the public is uniformed about their REAL AGENDA.