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Brenda Eckhart
Name Brenda Eckhart
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Hobbies riding motorcycles, walking my dogs, flea marketing, playing with my dogs, pulling pranks, spoiling my dogs,
About Me been with my best friend/hubby since 1982, have a wonderful 28 year old son who gave me a few hairs but as my mom said, pay back for mine, but son redeemed himself by meeting Tonya, can, studying to become a lpn, who has a son a daughter who light up my world, blessed with great family and friends and in case I didn't mention 2 spoiled loveable dogs, I have a job working for at risk youth which I truly like, all this helps me when bad days happen, as the will, but I have a lot to be thankful for,
Brenda Eckhart
Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics
219 days ago

your honesty and openness about who you are was one of the things I love about you, you don't hide behind words on a computer or a generalized name, you have many things to be proud of, as you should, shame on million moms, teach your kids to be proud of who you are, I love my husband as much it seems as you love your wife,i clapped when you proudly told of your values, I see your values in our talk show, and even how you handled this cituation, humor goes along way, I too wwill stand by you and any one else who has the integrity you show its a no brainer who the compassionate unjudjemental person is, keep it up ellen, the world needs more people like you to show how to be true to yourself and deal with others insecurity with that light hearted devilish humor you have, I too plan to shop at jc penny,,,you go girl