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Brenda Brittentime
Name Brenda Brittentime
Location Louisville, Kentucky
Age 59
Joined 526 days ago
Hobbies fishing, caring for birds
About Me I am a 58 year old single woman,Who loves her some Ellen De. I want more than anything in this world to come on your show
Brenda Brittentime
Ellen in Sydney
405 days ago

I Love you Ellen and the Ellen Team.Oh! The Black guy with glasses who play Drums. I adoure him.

Brenda Brittentime
Check In to Viggle!
405 days ago

Ellen you have the most Intresting guests on your show. You asked if your home needs a makeover y---yes. I have a small appartment and everything in there belonged to my Mother.I went to Detroit to Burry my sister who died of lung cancer, when i returned three years ago today. I got my Mother's t v's no flat screens. her old tables & love seat, not a coutch.but it;s home,neat, clean, and comfortable. although i'm a little embarrased i have company. everythine is so old.

Brenda Brittentime
Kate Walsh, Steve Harvey
439 days ago

Ellen I love your show and you so much. Im 58yrs old, On my 59th Birthday I want to come to your show. that would be the happiest Birthday of my life. You also have wonderful Artist, actors, Singers, Etc on your show. Your show is better than Oprah. Your kind,generous,and loving. I want to look you in your face and cry.