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Brandy Hawkins
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Brandy Hawkins
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584 days ago

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ellen!!!!


Brandy Hawkins
Worried About Gifts This Season?
605 days ago

Hi Ellen & Staff,

I hope you all are doing well this afternoon. I was browsing your website and checking it out like I do everyday due to the fact that I had to have our cable shut off and can no longer watch your episodes everyday and came across the "Worried about Gifts" this year. I am extremely worried. I am a 29yr old single mother of 2 boys ages 8 & 11. I am a young mother and live day to day and week to week for my boys. I recently lost my job in June after 5 years coming off of a 9 day vacation with my boys. I have since found another job but the pay is not as good and I do not get sick days or any paid holidays. Last year I signed up for your 12 Days every single day (along with millions of others) and my boys and I would watch every episode because we just knew that one of those days my name would pop up on the bottom of the screen saying I was a winner. It never happened.
My boys are very smart. They know there is a reason I did not get to go Black Friday Shopping, we shop at thrift stores and dollar stores, and do not ever eat out and they tell me everyday that "as long as we are all breathing and healthy" they could careless if they have anything under the tree. As a mother it breaks my heart. I will be signing up again everyday like I did last year for the 12 days...maybe I will have better luck this year. #NSN Right?

Peoples Choice Award #ELLEN

I hope you all and your families have a wonderful holiday season!!