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Name Brandy
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Hobbies reading, cooking, writing, researching history
About Me I own my own production company in Cincinnati,k Ohio for kids called Future World Productions where I teach my passions: acting, dancing, singing, art, nusic. I also am a comedic writer but write a variety of things. I am an animal rights activist and a voice for abused children and the elderly.
Win a Pair of Tickets to See Bruno Mars on Tour!
154 days ago

Ellen, you are hilarious and thank goodness we have you for laughs. I've been a loyal and adoring truly true blue fan of yours since since "These Friends Of Mine." Love your stand up and now I get you see you everyday!!! I don't miss a show. Hopefully, I'll get to see Bruno. Please check into these other sites offering tickets they are scams. I've never been a fan of anyone like I am of Bruno Mars. He is the example I reference to my music students. His story is their story. I would give anything to meet him. His music is actually life changing. I've never heard anyone like him, his style, his song writing, his delivery. He's epic. But his music speaks to you in volumes off the chart. I would love for my students to see him live and just talk to him for inspiration. They are truly captivated by him as a person and a performer, as am I. I've always foresaken my own rewards and noteriety and even happiness just so the deserving inner city kids in my company can can be inspired and experience things they normally would not be able to afford, the only reward I can ever want is good health, wealth, so I can make a difference like you, and end hunger and poverty- AND TO SEE/MEET BRUNO MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOo HOO!!!Thanks Ellen for doing this giveaway. Praying I win. Rock On, Ellen!