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Are You Excited for This Year's Super Bowl?
551 days ago

My boyfriend Chris is a die hard 49ers fan. The best thing about dating a 49ers fans, is ducking up to Frisco and catching a game, which we had the opportunity to do last year. The worst thing about dating a die hard 49ers fan? Is when my hometown Baltimore Ravens clinched the AFC Championship sending them to the Super Bowl as well.
Chris and I met and started talking because of these 2 teams, two years ago. He was excited to learn I was a Ravens fan since our coaches are brothers. He took my number saying, "we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner together when they play each other this season.". I laughed and said to text me on Monday and we'd take it from there. He then looked adorable in my Ravens PJ bottoms a few weeks later to pay up his half of the bet.
We are a football oriented couple. Every Sunday during the season we are with friends supporting each others teams. Super Bowl Sunday is going to be a huge day for both of our teams and we are more than excited. Our friends can't decide what is going to be better, watching the game or us. We haven't figured out our bet for the game yet, but I am ready for him to be wearing more purple the following week.
Go Ravens!